What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is when you feel an endless pit of guilt at the bottom of your stomach when all you did was read a book at the wrong time.

It’s when you feel like crying when all someone said was “____, please stop doing other teachers’ work in class. It’s very disruptive.” in a calm and collective voice.

It’s when you’re always afraid someone might hurt you even though they are probably someone who’d die for you.

It’s when you want to throw up because you failed a test. Once. On something you might not have been the best at to begin with.

It’s when you feel as if everyone has someone better to deal with than yourself, even if you’re all they’ve got.

Anxiety is a shit ton of pain and relentless feelings of worry and guilt. Even when it’s not necessary to feel that. Anxiety is shit. When people with anxiety need to be alone, let them. Life is hard. I have anxiety and constantly want to throw myself out of a window when my medication wears off for even a split second. Anxiety makes me feel as though I’ll never be good enough. Like I’m nothing special.

Anxiety is a rough thing to have, so when I’m in need, either hug me or leave me.


I’m Mia, just a little girl with big dreams. That sounds pretty generic, but it’s still true.

I do have another blog, Tumblr, but I heard my mom saying great things about this site and I thought, “Worth a shot!” It is worth it. I love the format of this and the way it’s set up.

A couple things you should know about me is that I like One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Minecraft. I also like animations and have a dream of getting on America’s Got Talent or The X Factor, even thought the American one apparently got cancelled. I just want to be able to sing, maybe do a duet with Niall Horan or something.

I have a YouTube channel, with about 1 subscriber, but I only have 4 videos, and they’re basically not worth looking at, unless you when someone’s videos have a horrible cameraman behind it.

That’s about it.